Inflight Wines (Emirates Economy)

Having had the idea to review the inflight wines during the outward journey to South Africa I was hoping to taste the full range during my return trip.  Unfortunately my senses were ruined by a cold so you have been spared reviews of the remaining wines.

sdrWild rock Sauvignon Blanc, Martinborough, New Zealand, 2014.

Sauvignon blanc, 13% alcohol
Served on Emirates flight to Dubai.

Appearance: Clear pale golden colour.

Nose: Little on the nose; slight grassy note.

Palate: slight tropical notes but feels almost unripe, high attack as expected for Sauvignon Blanc, alcohol unfortunately out of balance, finish had minerality but also an unfavourable synthetic taste (? Due to high alcohol)

I Initially misread Martinborough as Marlborough; the more well renowned name for Sauvignon Blanc!  I can’t comment on other wines from the producer- remember this is the entry level wine and is sold at a low price.

Conclusions: Perhaps the plastic cup I tasted from let this down and appropriate glassware would bring out the positives. Then again perhaps not. This was pretty much as one would expect for the house wine at a chain restaurant. I would be happy for £5 in a supermarket; I have certainly had worse.

Score: 70/100 (DT)


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