Cool Climate Sauvignon Blanc

20160325sauvblanc.jpgLoma Larga Vineyards, Lomas del Valle Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley, Chile, 2013

100% Sauvignon Blanc, Steel Fermented, 6 months on fine lees.
Alcohol 13%, Ph: 3, Total Acidity: 4,31 g/L, Residual Sugar: 2,85 g/L
Bin end wine reduced from £10.50 to £6.50

I picked this wine up a few months ago to go with some seafood.  I am a big fan of crisp refreshing Sauvignon Blanc and reduced to £6.50 felt it was hard to go wrong.

Appearance: Very pale lemon.
Nose: Lemon mousse (a bit sweeter than pure lemon) on the nose. Slight hint of green fruits. Certainly no tropical fruits coming through for me here.
Palate: Reasonable attack leads to a fresh palate of citrus. Balanced acidity with alcohol barely discernible. Long finish of salinity and minerals (full marks in this area). Good poise when opened although slipping off as the wine warmed up.

Conclusions: For the reduced price of £6.50 (normal price £10.50) I can’t fault this.  Cool climate very apparent in the degree of restraint.  I suspect this could  have faded slightly from its initial intensity on bottling. I preferred it slightly on the cool side as it lent focus to the fruit.  Very refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, well suited to seafood dishes.

Score: 88/100

Wine purchased from Berry Brothers Basingstoke store.


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