Chardonnay @ The Sampler


I think we tasted pretty much all of the Chardonnay on offer.  It is great to be able to move through the different styles in a short period of time without breaking the bank.  For the old world wines we started off with the Chablis, moved up in weight to the Cote De Beaune and then on to the Puligny-Montrachet and Mersault. For me the Gaelle et Jerome Meunier Puligny-Montrachet 2012 was the star of the show with a classic burgundian nose and elegant well integrated oak.  Plenty of citrus on the palate, good acidity, a long finish and great balance  rounded off this wine.  The Sylvian Dussort Vielles Vignes Mersault 2013 was a different beast, more muted on the nose, less prominant oak, but a brilliant mouth feel and minerality that carried it to equally resounding heights. Unfortunately I struggle to remember much of the new world wines but I think this was purely the result of tasting them after the superb Burgundy that went before.

Wines tasted at The Sampler.  Please check out the main review on The Sampler for more information.


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