THE most ridiculous wine of all time.

Ok, so the title might be slightly over-the-top. However, given the wine I am about to present, I think it is justified: Lopez de Heredia’s Gravonia 2006. This is a classic marmite (love it, or hate it) kind of wine, you can just taste it. However, at £12.95 from, take some advice from me: buy it, and someone will love it.


The wine has a beautiful golden viscosity. This is followed with an intense bouquet of almonds, white peach and apricot. As Gary Vaynerchuck would say, this is a true ‘oak monster’.

The wine brings masses of honeycomb. Not honey, I’m talking about the whole waxy thing, in all it’s glory. This is the sort of wine that, to begin with, you imagine will eventually become cloying and sickly. However, that fear never realises itself, as fresh acidity lifts the whole experience.

Orange peel oil, pear, loads of thyme and pumpkin seed oil (honestly, I’m not being ostentatious!) accompany a long long long finish. Oh, and there is some moderate salinity too…

You can really smell the age on this, as the wine has broken down and developed a sherry sort of sweetness. There is so much going on, that you almost oversee the slight bitter undertone. Now bitterness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as it’s balanced. Here it sort of harmonises with the fruity, oaky pleasure, into something quite brilliant.

This would pair amazingly with pork; in fact it is kind of reminiscent of that acorny sweetness you only get from Iberico pork. 92 points

Learning point: Take time over this wine; its a real masterpiece.










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