Iona: The Chard that got away

Earlier this year we visited Iona on the strength of a recommendation for their Chardonnay. Despite it being the reason for the trip this wine was the “one that got away” as it was already sold out. Of all the Iona wines this is the bottle you are most likely to see in the UK.  Marks and Spencer’s take a big delivery of this wine although this bottle was picked up from DBM wines in Bristol.


Iona, Chardonnay, Elgin, South Africa, 2014

Mid gold on pouring. Nose aromatic and rich with melted butter and Porcini dominating. This is certainly not a fruit bomb, with far more secondary then primary notes. The palate and mouthfeel are again buttery but coupled with a darned high acidity which cuts through to give focus. This has plenty of minerality fleshing out the long finish. There is a herbal complexity to this reminiscent of the cape fynbos and a prickle on the tongue from well integrated but generous oak.

Conclusions: From the first few sips I was really enjoying this wine. It was pretty much as I had hoped for, perhaps even a touch more elegant.  Power without losing restraint and beautifully rich. In line with the other wines from Iona for quality – a superb Chardonnay.

Score: 91/100


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