My Least Favourite Wine

Blind tasting is all about testing whether our approach to tasting is objective enough to sort the wheat from the chaff. Today I was served a wine that was unique in being the joint worst wine I have ever tasted.



Baywood Rich Red, NV, UK

Appearance: Clear ruby/garnet.
Nose: Sickly raspberry and strawberry, incense, light volatile acidity.
Palate: Sweet, thin, mild acidity and absolutely no tannin.  There is far less fruit than on the nose but a sour strawberry dominates. This is very flabby, lacks focus and has no structure.

Score: This is a wine of exceptionally low quality deserving a paltry 55-60 points.

I have only tasted something like this once and it was made in the UK from reconstituted Merlot juice. Lo and behold this was also a wine made from reconstituted grape juice here in the UK. Given the sickly presentation I suspect that sugar is actually added at some point in the production process.


Unfortunately for the producers of this wine I suspect I could not get much further from the intended audience. My passion for terroir driven wines is somewhat in conflict with reconstituted generic grape juice from an unknown source. I’d resist the urge to ferment this as it was undoubtedly more enjoyable as a fruit juice. For the first time in years I have a suspicion this is a wine that tastes better with lemonade.

Conclusion: I would not waste your liver on this one.



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