Bio: Benjamin

Medical student, musician, innovation enthusiast

“The only reason why you enjoy wine, is the freakish magnitude of your nostrils”. 


Figure 1.1

Yes, that is a direct quote from my own sister. And yes,  what she says about my nostrils is correct (see figure 1.1 for evidence). What is not true however, is that the sheer size of my nose is the sole reason for my love of wine.

My earliest memory of wine is Christmas of 1999. At 5 years of age, I took my first sip of Mumm NV champagne Brut, and was immediately enthralled. My appreciation of wine benefited greatly from generous samples from my grandfather, leading me to develop a shared interest in his areas of expertise: the Southern Rhone, along with South Africa.

When I was 18, myself, and the other members of this blog set up a wine group, the fermentation vessel. We started out with a mindless trip to the wine store, Majestic, choosing wines based on a few online reviews. We had a great time, despite the wines being a totally random mix of everything from Alsatian Riesling to Argentinian Malbec. We progressed pretty rapidly, making lots of mistakes along the way (the blind tasting of 8 Bordeaux wines from 2 unknown vintages was a particularly memorable, over-ambitious tasting). A great deal of reading (notable thanks go out to Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robertson, and Decanter magazine), and browsing of wine lists was invested, and has led to a real acceleration in our appreciation, blind-tasting abilities, and enjoyment of the drink.

I, like the others have learnt a lot. We, like all wine writers (both amateur and professional), have a huge amount still to learn. However, the study of wine is probably the most brilliantly enjoyable sort of revision that one can do. With that being said, I encourage you to get to work…