Bio: The Lawyer

There are two things, which, it is generally accepted, the world could do with less of.  One is lawyers. The other is amateur-yet-pretentious wine bloggers.  In a remarkable feat of self-deception, I try to be both at once whilst staving off self-loathing – with remarkable success to date.  

When we set out to start writing this blog, I thought that surely there are more than enough websites dedicated to informing, proselytizing, and occasionally supplicating wine drinkers that they really should be “getting into” this region or that, that Chardonnay should be oaked, or that this is a great year in St-Emillion because of two particularly hot days in July.12887451_10153574354936801_423993408_o

This casts no disrepute on a few gems within this legion: informative and to the point, they provide a regularly updated feed of useful knowledge, identifying good deals, and serving as a handy reminder not to buy  the 2007 Bordeaux the supermarket  “sommelier” is trying to sell you on account of its “deep tannic concentration” (see here).   But, outliers aside, most wine blogs are crap or, at best, constituent members of the vast vat of mediocrity.  Now I am not a wine critic, am totally un-qualified to write about wine, and quite frankly have little business telling you what to think or enjoy about wine.

So how rude is this guy?  He runs around telling off the amorphous horde of 50-visit-a-month, casual blogger types and then jumps in and joins them?  Very rude indeed.  But in my defense, my contribution to this blog is not about telling you what to think about wine.  This blog is for telling me about what to think about wine and reminding me what I may have thought about it in the past.  I’ll try and keep it interesting for you along the way.