Lidl: South African White Blend

Having returned from South Africa I got home to find my father had picked up the 90+ scoring wines from Lidl’s latest wine release.  Decanter have also been giving them a swirl so I thought I would post my thoughts.

South african blend 13.3.16 web

La Meridonale, Western Cape, South Africa. 2015.

Chenin Blanc, Grenache and Roussanne blend, 13.5%
Sold in Lidl for £5.49. Imported by offpistewines.

Given I was unable to find anything bout La Meridonale I can only assume this is a bottling for another producer.

Tasting Note: Peach and pear on the nose and this fruit continues on the palate.  The wine has a medium body and is in dry style but vanilla notes on end of the palate lend a slight sweetness. High acidity keeps wine in focus whilst oak gives structure. 13.5% alcohol suits the style. Surprisingly for supermarket wine at this price point this also expresses good minerality and salinity on the finish.

Having just returned from 2 weeks in the Western Cape I would be very interested to know who is making this.  This wine is fresh, in an early drinking style and very accessible when considered alongside the more majestic whites from the cape.  The Quality:Price ratio is superb – drink up!

Conclusions: Representative South African white in a new world style. Unusual but well balanced blend with judicious use of oak.  For the price you can’t really fault this.