A Challenge: How to Impress People

Yesterday, I had dinner with four teenagers, so I gave them some wine.  Two of them ‘didn’t like wine,’ so I gave them some wine.

Here, lay an interesting challenge that I’m sure many people have faced themselves. If, like me, you are a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, those around you expect you to drink exceptional wine. This expectation remains even if they ‘don’t like wine.’ Further, it becomes a challenge for you to prove them wrong. So which wine did I choose, 100% confident that smiles would ensue?

There was only one choice; my tasting notes are below

2016-03-26 14.38.57


Royal Tokaji Company, 5 Puttonyos Aszu, 2009, Hungary
Syrupy and amber in complexion. An aromatic bouquet of oily orange peel, ripe apricots and nectarine. Clear Botrytis on the palate and real length. The best thing; the thing that really makes this great is the tension between acidity and sweetness. The acidity gives it a freshness and demands that you come back for more. 92 points (BP)

Learning point: when it comes to Tokaji, pour yourself a big glass; the bottle will be empty next time you look.