The Team

The Fermentation Vessel takes creative direction from our three founders.  On the following pages you can find short biographies detailing our own personal wine journeys and the reasons for developing the blog. Articles on the site have been marked by author and unsurprisingly we may disagree wholeheartedly with each other at times. When possible we will attempt to present tastings from the whole panel and indicate our differing thoughts, scores, and preferences.

BW GevryChambertin


Like the Three Musketeers our wine journey has included many other along the way. As we are tied down by full time employment we have called on one of these associates to keep the content flowing. Filling the space of d’Artagnan is our fourth contributor and Syrah enthusiast:


Conflicts of Interest

None of the authors at The Fermentation Vessel currently have any financial or other vested interests in the wine trade. All of our wines are privately purchased and tasted meaning our reviews are simply our personal tastes and preferences. As of yet none of us have any qualifications in the world of wine so please take our comments at face value.