Online Resources

On this page we will be collating online resources that are useful in navigating your way around the world of wine. There are countless websites with great quality information on – the pages below fulfill specific roles rather than just information providers.

Wine Searcher

For me the most useful site when it comes to wine is Wine Searcher. The team at Wine Searcher bring together scores, reviews and prices from across the internet, helping you source a specific wine, or to give an idea of how critics rate an individual bottle.  We have never found the need to go beyond the paywall on the site.

Cellar Tracker

Another site we have found useful to get an idea of general consensus on a wine and current drinking windows is Cellar Tracker. The tasting notes are from the community rather than critics, but give an initial indication what you may expect from your bottle and for popular wines the community scores correlate reasonably with the critic averages from elsewhere. You can also use the site to keep track of your own cellar although we have no experience with this functionality.

Please feel free to add any suggestions for further resources to the comments section.